Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Sooner Was The Rocking Doggie In The Door .........

I couldn't wait to bring Penelope home. She was a beautiful wooden rocking dog that my brother had made for me. He had made one for our new grand nephew and I had loved it so much I, of course, wanted one.

When I told my brother this hubby gave me a look of "you've got to be kidding. Where are we going to put that?" I, of course, gave him a look of " I have someplace in mind. You'll see."

So, baby brother made me one and we were bringing Penelope home today.

We had just gotten home and hubby had just brought Penelope into the house and placed her in the dining room when I heard the cabinet doors opening and closing - followed by someone running.

I knew it wasn't hubby as he was outside and I was the only one in the house. Who was opening and closing the cabinets doors then? Worse, who was running? A burgular? YIKES! I hoped not.

So I went and looked. One of the cabinet doors was slightly ajar so I knew the "dollies" were up to something - but what? It wasn't a burglar. It was one of the "dollies."

When I went back into the dining room this is what I found....Adrienne was sitting on top of the doggie.

I guess she had decided Penelope was a present for her. It wasn't, but she looked so adorable and so happy sitting on Penelope I didn't have the heart to put her back in the cabinet. She was just beaming.

So, I told her she could stay there. She was so happy she started rocking back and forth. I don't know how she was able to do this as her legs were really too short for the foot pedals. But, she was rocking back and forth anyway.

Leave it to the "dollies" when they want to accomplish something they usually do.

It was then that I heard the cabinets doors opening and shutting again. What the..... What were the "dollies" up to now?

Once again I found the cabinet doors slightly ajar.

As I was returning to the dining room I heard giggling. At first it was like "tee-hee" laughter and then it was full blown out raucous laughter. Then CRASH! What the......

So, I went into the dining room and here's what I found. Toni and Timi had pulled the wooden chair I had bought for Adrienne and little red wagon my sister had given me over to the fireplace area and were sitting there just laughing and laughing.

Toni was pushing Timi back and forth in the little red wagon. She pushed him so hard Timi had actually fallen out and the wagon had overturned. That was what had caused the CRASH!

Of course, when they saw me they gave me that "just caught - oops look" that children always give you and then the "I'm sorry pleading look."

Even Penelope gave me that look. She didn't need to as I knew it wasn't her fault.

To be fair I hadn't told her how persuasive and demanding the "dollies" were and how they usually got their way. When they asked if they could play with her she had readily agreed.

She loved having fun and loved it when children wanted to play with her. I didn't have the heart to tell her these were not children - they were "dollies." They might think and act like they're human, but they're not.

Timi, being the little wise guy that he was, told me that he thought Penelope should be called "Pete" as the rocking doggie was male. I told him the rocking doggie was female and was named Penelope.

He disagreed and fired back, "That's not what your brother said. He said the rocking doggie was a "he" named Pete."

Since when was he talking to my brother? Hmmmm...

I gave him a look that immediately shut him up. He knew that if he wanted to stay where he was he'd better agree with me. OOPS......  Sorry......

When I looked at them again they were both laughing. They would start giggling, then Adrienne would start giggling to the point where they were laughing so hard they were crying.

They all looked so happy together I didn't have the heart to tell Toni and Timi they couldn't stay there. So, I told them they could stay, but that was it. No more "dollies" in the dining room.

All three shook their heads and readily agreed.

Of course, they really couldn't speak for the other "dollies" who had minds of their own. I knew full well that all the "dollies" would want to try the rocking "doggie" but that wasn't going to happen. I would just have to come up with another reason as to why 3 "dollies" in the living room scene was enough.

My only saving grace was I was hoping Adrienne wouldn't give up her seat. She was just too content sitting right where she was. We'll see.........

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