Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Style Needle Felted Pictures

After my sister and I had gotten a feel for the roving from our Dimensions snowman and penguin needle felting kits we decided we wanted to create some free style needle felted pictures. I decided on a conservative, less challenging winter snowman and tree scene (shown above) while she embarked on a daring landscape scene the beginnings of which is shown below.

After my sister's visit I decided to try my hand at some free style needle felted pictures.  I had wanted to create a flower garden using some of the flower molds I had bought and to create a Fall scene using the pumpkin cookie cutters I had bought.

So, I started with the flower garden first and some of the Clover needle felting applique molds I had bought.

Both my sister and I had heard that cookie cutters worked just as well as molds for felting so we bought a few of those. I wanted to try a pumpkin patch scene using the Wilton cookie cutter pumpkins that were part of the following Wilton Harvest 6 Piece Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set:

I had decided for my third free style needle felting picture to not use any molds and just free hand design it.

Both my sister and I had thought that the free style needle felted pictures would be nice if we enclosed them in shadow boxes or shadow box trays so we bought some unfinished wood to do so.

I decided to write separate blog posts for each of my designs and tell you what I had to do, the problems I ran into, and what I was thinking as I went along. My posts will be following so please return to find out how I finished all of the above. I think you'll be a little surprised as to how they all came out.

My sister wanted her free style needle felting picture to be some sort of mountain scene with trees, sun, mountains, grasslands and a moose.  I'll leave that up to her to shown you how it came out and blog about what she had to do, the problems she ran into, and what she was thinking as she went along.  Maybe she'll even tell you about her adventures with the needle felted moose.

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  1. This is a great way to bond with a family member just like what you did with your sister! I believe that what you did were all cute. My personal favorite was the first one, since Christmas is near. And those cookie cutters! Genius!