Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 1st Placemats I Ever Made

The other day when I posted about my Delightful Fall Decorations I failed to tell you that two of the pictures showed the very first place-mats I ever made.  I made them some 42+ years ago for my Mother for her fall decorating.

Back then I liked to decorate her dining room table with a Fall floral centerpiece.  I didn't have any money to buy something and they didn't quite have the kinds of silk floral back then as they do today so I fashioned something I may have gathered from the woods.  Pine-cones, bark, acorns, ferns, pine needles, etc.

Well, one year after Thanksgiving I decided a set of eight place-mats and a little runner would be nice and thought they would make a nice Christmas present.  So, I made them for her and gave them to her for Christmas.  Of course, she had to wait a year to use them.  So, what's a few months.....

I thought for sure my sister would notice the place-mats in the pictures. I know my Mother would have noticed.

They were my first attempt at sewing linens and I made them out of quilted fall fabrics. There were eight of them in a diagonal shape. I tried to get them to all be the same size, but some were a little bigger and some were a little smaller.

I put them out now with my Fall decorations as they are the perfect color for my dining room and because I know my mother would be pleased.

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