Friday, October 12, 2012

Delightful Fall Decorations

I know that I've told you a zillion times how much I love the Fall season and LOVE decorating for the Fall.

Since there's two holidays in the Fall I tend to put all my Fall seasonal scarecrows, spooky Halloween dolls, and Thanksgiving pilgrims all out at the same time. They're usually up for three months - from the end of August or first of September until just after Thanksgiving. By putting them all up at the same time I same a lot of time by not having to change them out. I blend them together so they look fine for the three months.

I also like to alternate what I put up each year for a couple of reasons. First, I have so many wonderful decorations and secondly, it gives every one of the "dollies" their 15 minutes of fame. After all, we have to keep the "dollies" happy and keep the peace in "The Dollie Storage Room."  Letting them all shine at some point in time is a way to do this.

The "dollies" have been pestering me for a few weeks now to show pictures of the decorations and, today, I finally had some time to do so.

Two of my favorite "BIG GUYS" that hubby and I made many years ago adorn the family room fireplace.
My Boo Hoo Billy and Crowin Mike ornament designs are just hanging around.  The "W" pumpkin above is a new decoration added by hubby!

My Primitive Andy Frankenstein and Primitive Annie Witch doll designs looking down from atop the desk.
The dolls and florals in the two pictures above makes my sun-room so festive.

The scene in my dining room.  My Norman The Pilgrim and Pleasantly Plump Eunice pilgrim doll designs are in charge here.
The two pumpkins shown above (Trick or Treat and Boo) were also new decorations this year added by hubby!  I think they go well with the scene.

Frankenstein above is the largest wooden doll hubby and I have ever made.  My Scarier Per Pound David and Call Me Frank N. Stein doll designs keep him company.

My Scarecrow Rob and Wickedly Plump Dot  witch doll designs and silk floral arrangement make a wonderful scene in my front hall.  I made the table cloth from some fabric my sister gave me one year.

My Punky Elmer's Little Scarecrow doll design adds his own special charm to one of the scenes in the dining room.

More silk floral arrangements that I made many years ago.  I just love creating with the silk florals as they just last and last year after year after year.  Definitely a cost effective way to decoration.  Make something once to last 10 to 20 years.  How great is that?

Arch silk floral I made one year adorns the top of the fireplace in the dining room.

Can't forget the Halloween cross stitch I created last year.

My Andy Scarecrow doll design has his own place of honor on top of Bud's box this year.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations. I know the "dollies" were happy to show off.  Hopefully that will keep them happy for a little while.

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