Friday, August 13, 2010

Something Else I'd Like To Try - Wooden Quilt Pictures

I'm always on the look out for unique and unusual handmade gifts.  Some I find at local craft shows, some I find in craft magazines, and some I find on the Internet.

Well, years ago I saw a picture in a magazine for a wood quilt.  That's right - WOOD QUILT!

So, of course, this piqued my curiosity and I decided to visit their website.  Their website is entitled Uniquely Jewell - Wood Quilts by David and Joannie Wert - Hand Painted Traditional Quilt Designs Made From Wood.

If you don't know what wood quilts are - here's what their website said about them: 
A Wood Quilt??? What is that???  A wood quilt is a form of parquetry in which individual pieces of wood are cut, painted, stained and set one by one in a frame to form a picture or pattern. This is a truly unique art form which results in extremely beautiful objects enhanced even more by the grain and warmth of wood. All are hand cut and finished in the United States.
Well, their website had the most beautifully colored wood quilt pictures you'd ever want to see.  I just LOVED them and decided to buy one for me and two for my mother as Christmas presents. 

The one I bought for me is shown in the picture at the beginning of this post. The two I bought for my mother are shown in the picture above and to the right. I just loved the details of the quilts and the vivid colors. And, so did my mother. 

Well, when my mother passed away I ended up with her two small wood quilt pictures and decided to check out their website once again. 

To my dismay they're having a "Going Out Of Business" sale. 

What a shame. I hate when that happens. They do beautiful work and I, for one, will be displaying my wood quilt and my mother's two wood quilts proudly for some time to come.  

I'd love to try making one, but they look like they'd be a lot of work to do. Between the design, the painting, and the precision cutting.... 

Maybe I can convince my younger brother to try and make one. That is, if I can get him away from his scroll saw. 

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