Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flower Fairies - They're Just Too Adorable!

Sometimes you run across something that is just too adorable to pass up. You find yourself drawn to it and you just HAVE to make it.

Well, such for the case with something I had seen in Crafts magazine back in 2001. They were running a 4-part series by Julie McGuffee on creating flower fairies for every season. I just fell in LOVE with these adorable little fairies and decided I just had to make some.

They're made using wood doll pins and stands, wood beads for their heads, tiny wood beads for their arms, and silk florals for their outfits.

I deviated from the pattern in creating my fairies as I wanted their wood doll pin bodies to be painted a complimentary color to their silk floral outfits and for their arms to be made out of their respective silk floral.

I also deviated from the pattern with regards to their hair. I gave them regular doll hair versus Spanish Moss as the patterns had called for. Plus, I made most of the silk floral outfits much longer than the patterns had specified.

When I was done I had the cutest collection of little floral fairies. They're just too adorable and make great stocking gifts. What do you think?

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