Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Woodcrafts Gifts From My Younger Brother - Scroll Saw Pictures

I know I've mentioned many times about my younger brother and his amazing workshop.

Well, it seems, my younger brother has decided that scrolling and scroll saw pictures is his calling. He fell in LOVE with his scroll saw over a year ago and just can't stop making gifts for everyone.  And, well, I guess I'm to blame for that!

You see, while shopping for Christmas gifts two years ago at a local craft show I wandered into a booth of handmade woodland scroll saw pictures and immediately fell in love with them.  They were exquisite and I knew my younger brother would LOVE one.  So, I bought one for him.

Well, I have to tell you that my brother absolutely loved it.  He was enthralled with how the woodcutter had used the scroll saw to create the picture and decided he wanted to learn how to do it himself.  And, well - learn he did!

He spent the better part of the past year creating scroll saw pictures, scroll saw gifts, etc.  Has he perfected his technique?  Absolutely.  And, we have all benefited from his new found love of scroll saw pictures.  Absolutely.  Everyone got them as presents for the past holiday season.

Now I'm not complaining.  I just LOVE getting handmade wood crafts from my younger brother.  I'd fill up my house with them if I could - not that I have any more room for anything.

In any event, this past year for the holiday season he gave both hubby and I the scroll saw pictures that are shown in this post.   I, of course, absolutely LOVED both of them and have them displayed on my walls.

Am I to blame for my younger brothers actions!  Well, not all his actions!  His scroll saw obsession?  Well, I guess I'm guilty as charged.  I don't mind.  I love all his creations.

I wonder what this year's presents will be?

More scroll saw gifts?

Wouldn't make me mad! No sirree!!!!!

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