Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Snow Me Some Toys, Santa! Doll Products

While "Snow Me Some Toys, Santa!" absolutely loves Christmas, he also loves snow. He loves it because he gets to unwind from the stressful holiday season and make "snow angels" which he absolutely loves to do. His "snow angels" might not look like the typical "snow angels" due to his round and rotund body, but he tries his best. And, even if they don't look like regular "snow angels" he doesn't care as they serve his purpose which is to relax him.

"Snow Me Some Toys, Santa!" is a 8" self-sitting primitive cloth Santa snowman doll. He has a 3-tier warm and natural round and rotund body. His face is embroidered with black cross eyes, orange blushed cheeks, a resin carrot nose, wool fleece mustache, and eyebrows. His straggly beard is is wavy wool fleece. "Snow Me Some Toys, Santa" just loves his plaid and red Santa hat with matching plaid jacket with fold back cuffs and fold back front edge. His jacket is lined and top stitched along the edges. He is coffee stained throughout. Santa is holding his bag filled with all the toys he and the elves have made.

When it snows "Snow Me Up Some Toys, Santa" gets the elves and Rudolph and all the other reindeer to come out in the snow and make "snow angels" with him. The snow can't bring him new toys, but it can relax him and he hopes - relax his reindeer and elves. And, if you want to talk talk about strange "snow angels" just look at the "snow angels" created by the reindeer. They are definitely unlike any "snow angels" you might have seen. "Come on everyone. It's snowing!" Let's make some snow angels!"

Snow Me Some Toys Santa Handmade Primitive Santa Snowman Doll

“Snow Me Some Toys, Santa!”, 8” Primitive Snowman Santa Doll Decoration E-Pattern - Primitive Snowman Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

Santa and Mrs. Claus Fabric Collection

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