Saturday, November 04, 2017

My “Presents For You” Victorian Santa Claus Doll Decoration E-Pattern

Several years ago I decided to enter one of the doll challenges on the Cloth Doll Artistry community that I belong to. I didn't win, but that was okay with my Santa. So, a pattern he became. And, that suits him just fine.

I had previously written about being "In Sewing Heaven" on a post on my Linda's Blog when I was creating him but, wasn't able to tell you the details of the challenge at that time.

Well, the rules of the challenge were that we would each have a partner that we would swap 3 different holiday fat quarters with. Each of us would use the fat quarters sent by our partner to make a Santa doll. We were each sent a simple body pattern to use that could be altered anyway we wanted. The clothing was entirely up to us as long as we used the fat quarters we were sent and, as a bonus, could add 2 solid colors. There were three categories we could enter our doll in: Silliest Cartoon Character Type Santa, Most Creative In Color In Style, and Most Traditional In Style To Father Christmas.

My partner had sent me a bright red/green fancy floral fabric, rustic pine cone printed fabric, and a light beige/cream fabric. I decided to make my Santa Victorian in nature (pray tell now why would I choose that? LOL LOL) with a long lined coat and cuffed and gathered pantaloons.

I also decided to partially embroider and watercolor his face and give him silver embroidered glasses, as well as a raised nose. He had a full curly mohair mustache, full combination straight and curly mohair beard, and a straight mohair full head of hair.

His lined jacket was adorned with gold trim on the inside and outside edges of his jacket with the front lapels folded back and tied in place with red DMC floss bows. His lined jacket was fastened with a wired gold bow with wood button and the lined sleeves were gathered and cuffed with bright red fabric.

You can't tell from the pictures, but he's also wearing a solid green tunic that is gathered at the neck and wrists and fastened around his waist with a gold rope. His hat had a lined band, large red pompom and matched both his coat and cuffed two colored pantaloons.His black boots had criss-cross laces of white DMC embroidery floss. And, I decided to sit him atop a wrapped box with a large wired ribbon bow and have him hold a pre-bought decorated wooden sled.

It was a tough challenge as all the Santa's that were submitted were excellent. I submitted mine under the Most Creative In Color and Style category. It was hard choosing which one I liked for each category - besides my own, of course!! LOL LOL

Alas, he didn't win. Of course, I'd hoped I would win. I didn't but - a pattern he'll be for all of you to make. And, he's just fine with that.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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