Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Mrs. St. Nicholas - A Little Plump, But Happy!”

"Mrs. St. Nicholas - A Little Plump, But Happy!" is one of the nicest woman you'd ever want to meet. She loves her life at the North Pole, loves her husband, and loves doing whatever she can to help him get ready for Christmas Eve. She's ready, willing, and able.

Now don't let a little bit of "plumpness" fool you. Mrs. Claus may be "plump" but she is as fit as a fiddle. She has to be to get everything done that needs to be done for Christmas Eve. She might be cooking for the elves and Santa - they do tend to get a little hungry after all that hard work. Or she might be crafting something for the good boys and girls. There's always so many presents that have to be made. Everyone has to pitch in and help.

Or she might be decorating for the holidays. They do tend to have a lot of decorations at the North Pole! Floral crafts are her favorite. Or she might be washing and cleaning. Elves do tend to be messy - especially the boy elves. Or, she might be exercising the reindeer. They, too, need to be in shape for their journey.

Or, she may be playing nurse to the elves who have the flu. Elves tend to overwork themselves and get a little run down - especially the boy elves. Or she might be running to the grocery store. Even Santa and Mrs. Claus need to get supplies. They like to shop at the North Pole Walmart. Or she might be paying the bills. Santa does tend to rack up the bills.

Or she might be babysitting some of the little elves. Reading a story to the little elves is her favorite time because she just loves to embellish. Or she might be mending some of Santa's suits. He does tend to put on some weight around the holidays and Mrs. Clause has to let his suits out a little.

"Mrs. St. Nicholas - A Little Plump, But Happy!" is a 23" country Mrs. Claus from our "Pleasantly Plump Series." She is a squared bottomed self-standing cloth and wood doll. Her arms and hands are wired and her cloth head and cloth body are supported by a wood dowel and wood base. Her face is embroidered and she has brown water colored and sunken eyes, an embroidered and raised nose, and a red outline embroidered mouth. Her eyebrows are embroidered as are her eyelashes and she has rosy pencil colored and blushed cheeks. She has shading under her eyes and around her nose and pencil colored wrinkle lines.

Mrs. Claus has a mass of gray hair fastened in a bun with bangs under her cap. Her cap is lined, and gathered and is attached to the top and back of her head. Her square frame glasses sit on the bridge of her nose. Mrs. Claus is wearing her favorite holiday ensemble with matching vest and cap. Her dress has two layers of lace trim on the bottom and is gathered at the waist and neck. Her dress sleeves have two layers of lace trim and are gathered at the shoulders and wrists. She is wearing a long lined vest that is top stitched along all the edges and fastened in the front with DMC Embroidery bows. Mrs. Claus is carrying a pine cone, ,berry and ribbon decorated basket that she made for the front foyer.

She might be cooking, sewing, crafting, cleaning, exercising, shopping, nursing, bookkeeping, babysitting, decorating, reading stories, or one of one hundred other tasks that need to be done. She loves her life - but, she is one busy lady. She's a little plump, but certainly happy and CERTAINLY able.

Mrs St. Nicholas A Little Plump But Happy Handmade Doll

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