Monday, November 06, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Put Up Your Dukes, Santa!

"Put Up Your Dukes! Santa" loves being Santa, and usually is pretty even tempered. But, he also Irish. And, being Irish his temper can get the better of him. Now you might be wondering how that is. Nothing could possibly rattle Santa. Well, that might be true if he wasn't "Irish" and have an "Irish" temper.

"Put Up Your Dukes! Santa" is a 16" country Santa doll with a muslin cloth body. His face is embroidered and he has brown button eyes, wired glasses, and pink cheeks. His eyebrows and mustache are made of raw mohair as is his scraggly beard. His black boots are cross laced. He has a wonderful heard of hair on the lower back and sides of his head with the top and center being bald. He is wearing his favorite fringed shirt which is gathered at the neck and wrists. He is also wearing his favorite fringed and cuffed pantaloons with cross suspenders. His Christmas carpenter's apron has two large pockets in the front - large enough to fit a few of the toys he has made. And, his hands are ready for "putting up your dukes!".

"Put Up Your Dukes! Santa" works very hard at not letting his "Irish" temper show. Sometimes, however he may just have you "putting up your dukes!"

Put Up Your Dukes Santa Handmade Country Santa Christmas Doll

Put Up Your Dukes! Cut and Sew Doll Fabric

Put Up Your Dukes Santa Fabric Collection

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