Monday, October 17, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Sissie Snow Gal

"Sissie Snow Gal" is a very adventurous snow gal. In fact, she is very much a snow tomboy. She's as brave and as daring as some of her snow buddies. Sometimes, even she puts them to shame as she's willing to try something they are too afraid of. They should be called "sissies" not her.

She is a free-standing snow lady with a warm & natural cloth body, sock covered wood feet, fabric covered dowel legs, and embroidered face with black eyes. She is wearing cuffed corduroy shorts and a wool shawl. She has a fringed wool scarf red bangs, and cap. She is holding a “I Love Snow” painted and stenciled wood sign.

“Sissie Snow Gal” Snowlady - Country Snowlady Doll E-Pattern 

Winter Group Cut and Sew Kit - Creates Four  3" by 5" Cotton Fabric Snowman Doll Ornaments

Winter Group Handmade Ornaments Set

Winter Group Handmade Blanket Stitch Edge Snowman Ornaments Set

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