Monday, October 17, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Jerry Snow Guy

Jerry Snow Guy just loves his birds. Whenever "Jerry Snow Guy" goes outside he makes sure that he brings food for all his friends. After all, wintertime can be a hard time for the birds.

It's hard to find food in the frozen ground so Jerry always brings bread crumbs. His friends all love him for it and voted him "Best Snow Guy" three years in a row.

He is a free-standing snowman with a warm & natural cloth body, sock covered wood feet, fabric covered dowel legs, and embroidered face with black eyes. He is wearing a sweater jumper with pockets and embroidered heart. He has a fringed wool scarf , red bangs, and wool hat. He is holding a “Don’t Forget the Birds!” painted and stenciled wood birdhouse.

“Jerry Snow Guy” Country Snowman Doll Decoration E-Pattern 

Winter Group Cut and Sew Kit - Creates Four  3" by 5" Cotton Fabric Snowman Doll Ornaments

Winter Group Handmade Ornaments Set

Winter Group Handmade Blanket Stitch Edge Snowman Ornaments Set

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