Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Kathleen Snow Queen

"Kathleen Snow Queen" has no problem handling the cold. She is, after all, from a long line of Estonian Snow Queens. "Kathleen Snow Queen" is very proud of her Estonian heritage. She comes from a long line of "Snow Queens" and is proud to show her genealogy to anyone who asks. She spends hours and hours searching for her ancestry and has been working on her genealogy project for over 20 years.

If you want to view her genealogy just be sure to reserve have plenty of time - it's a lengthy genealogy spanning back hundreds of years.

She is a free-standing snowlady with a coffee stained terry cloth square bottom body with an embroidered heart. She has an embroidered face with black eyes, cinnamon sticks for arms, large fringed flannel scarf wrapped around her head and neck, and fur ear muffs. She is holding a grapevine heart in one arm and a small “I Love Snow” sign in the other.

“Kathleen Snow Queen” Primitive Snow-lady Doll Decoration E-Pattern 

Winter Group Cut and Sew Kit - Creates Four  3" by 5" Cotton Fabric Snowman Doll Ornaments

Winter Group Handmade Ornaments Set

Winter Group Handmade Blanket Stitch Edge Snowman Ornaments Set

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