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Who Wouldn't Love A Pair Of Wooden Scissors and My Woodcrafts Tutorials & Woodworking Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's Pinterest Board

I've posted many times about the wonderful wooden creations my brother has made for me or given to me as gifts over the years. Each and every woodcraft he has made has been even better than the one before it.  You see, he is an amazing woodworker.

Christmas presents from my brother, and from many members of the family for that matter, are usually handmade. One year my brother had something in mind that he wanted to make that he thought I'd really, really love.

He had found a pattern for wooden scissors that he wanted to make. Now, mind you, these wooden scissors were not the kind you could hold in your hands. Au contraire! These scissors were 3 feet long and were meant as a decoration. He knew they'd be the perfect gift for me.

Well, since my sister is also a crafter he also thought that a pair of scissors would be perfect for her, too. Unfortunately, for him, timing wasn't going to be in his favor.

You see, my sister and brother-in-law came early for Christmas that year and my brother ended up giving my sister her wooden scissors early. Of course, he also gave my brother-in-law, who is a hunter, a rifle. Well, not a usable rifle. This one was wooden and 6 feet long. It was enormous and also meant as a decoration and, of course, my sister and brother-in-law loved it.

Getting back to the story. My brother didn't want my sister to spoil my wooden scissors surprise so he swore her to secrecy. Of course, she promised not to give it away and, of course, she accidentally did. I didn't want to spoil my younger brother's surprise so I didn't let on that I knew one of his presents was scissors. I hadn't seen them, but knew they were big.

In any event, when we had our Christmas get together I had to admit that my sister had somewhat given it away. Of course, my brother had to call her and chew her out - the brotherly love kind of chewing out that is. It didn't really matter that my sister had kind of given the surprise away. What mattered was my brother had lovingly made these for me (and my sister) because he knew we'd love them. And, we both do.

My sister has hers hanging up in her loft which is her craft area. As I've mentioned before in some of my posts my craft area is kind of - ALL OVER THE HOUSE! I had wanted to hang my scissors above the window where my sewing machine is, but they wouldn't fit. They were TOO BIG! So, hubby thought they'd look nice on the wall to the left of my sewing station - so we hung them there.

Every time I look at them I laugh. They are just so adorable - and BIG! I hope someone doesn't mistake them for real scissors! NAH! They wouldn't really work - or would they? What do you think?

Over the years I've been the recipient of many of my brothers wonderful woodcrafts.  Several times I've seen something I wanted and have asked him to make it for me.  He always does and the creations are always amazing.

I love woodcraft's and love working in my brother's workshop. If you would love to learn woodcraft's, too perhaps these tutorials, video's and how-to's will be helpful.

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