Thursday, September 03, 2015

My New Mixed Media Wooden Snowman Decorations - Over 10 Years In The Making

What gives? Have I lost my mind?It's still the summer and yet I'm making Christmas and Winter seasonal decorations. I even skipped right over Fall, my favorite season, so what gives?

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post while I was making woodcrafts in my mixed media class I looked for other wood kits that I had put together years ago that might make sense for being made at the same time. One of the kits I had put together was for making snowmen from two unfinished 9 1/2" by 7" by 2" wood pieces I had bought at Michaels or A.C. Moore over a decade ago.

In looking at the kits I thought they make good mixed media snowmen. I had previosuly designed a wool vest, fringed scarves, and wool hat that I would be adding to them when they were finished.

Here's how they looked individually - front and back.

Snowman #1 front.

 Snowman #1 back.

Snowman #2 front.

Snowman #2 back.

I was happy with the way my mixed media snowman turned out.  It took over a decade to make them, but I think it was well worth the wait and hope you would agree.

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