Sunday, February 02, 2014

Basket Crafts Free E-Patterns and E-Books

While shopping in the Fall over 20 years ago with hubby we happened to venture into one of those seasonal Christmas decoration shops - just to see what they had.

Well, I was immediately drawn to a pine cone basket that was on the floor. It was pine cones in a large basket that was decorated with berries, ribbons, lace, and assorted dried floral.

I thought it was really pretty and would make a great Christmas decoration until I looked at the price. They wanted close to $180 for the basket which I thought at the time was outrageous. But, the basket was lovely and I thought it would make a wonderful Christmas decoration.

So, I decided to make my own. After all, I had pine cones all over my lawn from the white pine and evergreen trees that had fallen that year. Why not use them and create my own pine cone baskets? I certainly had plenty of pine cones of different sizes and types. And, they were free.

This was the beginning of my love of pine-cone baskets which developed into a love of all sorts of baskets that I could use to decorate my house.  Truth be told I've made quite a few over the years and decided you might like  to make a few of your own so I developed a few e-books and e-patterns for you.


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