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"Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" - My Victorian Munchkin Handmade Scarecrow Doll and E-Pattern

"Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" and "Elmer's Little Boy" are best friends. Punky is an 11" Victorian Munchkin scarecrow who looks just like his best friend Elmer except he's a scarecrow. So, what's a little difference between friends? This doesn't bother Elmer a bit.

Punky got his nickname when Elmer was a little boy. You see, Elmer couldn't pronounce "Pumpkin" which was Punky's Dad's name for him. So, "Punky" just stuck and it's been his nickname ever since. "Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" would prefer to be called Pumpkin, at least it relates to the Fall and scarecrows. Elmer pays him no heed. He likes "Punky" just fine.

As we said, Elmer and Punky are best friends. The only problem with this is Elmer doesn't understand that "Punky" is a SECRET pal. As such, he's only seen and heard by Elmer. That's right. Only Elmer can see him and talk to him.   Punky likes Elmer but feels that Elmer keeps him from doing his job. After all, he is a scarecrow.

Punky, on the other hand, knows that he's a SECRET pal. He also knows that he has a job to do and Elmer is keeping him from doing it. After all, he is a scarecrow and has to do what scarecrows do - nickname and all.  And his job is to scare away the birds and the crows not to spend all day playing with Elmer.

But, he likes playing with Elmer so he's learned how to charm his way around the birds and scarecrows. And, it actually is working. Elmer is his friend. In fact, he's his best friend. Not only that, but he's his only friend. So, he'll play along with Elmer as much as he wants. For he knows that if Elmer doesn't think about him he doesn't exist.

"Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" has on the exact same outfit as Elmer except his is a lot more tattered and fringed. And, he's allowed to have his shirt hanging out. After all, he works in a field.

Punky’s face is embroidered and he has a cloth head and body. He has a lined vest, bowtie, fringed shirt which he wears out to cover his pot belly. He’s wearing pantaloons, lined sculley cap and has raffia for hair.

The one thing he has that other scarecrows don't is a wonderful pair of black and white shoes. If his name doesn't distinguish him from the other scarecrows then his fancy shoes will.   He also has a wooden rake all ready for the leaves. Or, maybe he’s using it to swat those nasty crows. Nope! Not Punky. His rake is all show. He is "The Charming Scarecrow" after all.

Plus, he has a SECRET weapon, his SECRET pal in Elmer. Try to top that all you other scarecrows.

“Punky - Elmer’s Little Scarecrow”, 10” Handmade Victorian Munchkin Scarecrow Doll - Victorian Doll - Fall Series

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