Monday, February 10, 2014

Punky and The Munchkins With Their Pumpkins

What you already know is that "Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" and "Elmer's Little Boy" are best friends. Punky is a 10" Victorian Munchkin scarecrow who looks just like his best friend Elmer except he's a scarecrow.

What you don't know is that Punky has an adorable younger brother and younger sister who just happen to be fraternal twins. His younger brother is "Morty The Pumpkin Munchkin, Punky's Little Brother Scarecrow Boy Doll and His Pumpkins." His younger sister is "Melanie Munchkin, Punky's Little Sister Scarecrow Girl Doll and Her Pumpkins." Marty was born December 31 at 11:59 P.M.  Melanie was born January 1 at 12:01 A.M. So, while Morty might appear to be a year older due to the year differences in fact he is only 2 minutes older.

Punky got his nickname when Elmer was a little boy. You see, Elmer couldn't pronounce "Pumpkin" which was Punky's Dad's name for him. So, "Punky" just stuck and it's been his nickname ever since. "Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" would prefer to be called Pumpkin, at least it relates to the Fall and scarecrows. Elmer pays him no heed. He likes "Punky" just fine.

So, when he learned that his younger brother and sister LOVED pumpkins and LOVED being surrounded by them he was thrilled. They could sit in the pumpkin field surrounded by pumpkins for hours on end and be in pumpkin heaven. For scarecrows it doesn't get any better than that.

Punky adores his younger brother and sister and hopes you do too.

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