Thursday, December 20, 2007

They May Be Wet and Dirty, But....

The socks are wet and dirty when he comes running in like a herd of wild buffalo, but his feet aren't getting cut anymore. The baby socks are working.

It really is the funniest thing to see when my little guy (our cairn terrier) goes outside to do his business. When I first put the socks on his paws he stands there like a frozen statue and then lifts each paw up as if to say, "What the .... are these doing on me?" Then, he walks a few steps (or should I say prances a few steps) and then decides "okay, they don't feel so bad." Off he goes to do his business.

Now mind you, he isn't outside more than 3-5 minutes when he comes bounding (and I do mean bounding) into our family room and kitchen running 100 miles per hour. He runs right past me, does a jump in the air and turns around facing me with a look of "Did you miss me, Mom? Did you miss me?" Of course, I have to make a big deal out of his being outside and missing him - albeit it was only 3-5 minutes! Maybe for him it was an eternity.

In any event, when he comes bounding in it's almost as if he's flying and jumping at the same time. He jumps from rug to rug like a bunny rabbit. It's the cutest thing to see.

So, the good news is the socks are working. The bad news is they get so wet and dirty I have to dry them for the next time he goes out during the day. I definitely need to buy more. I can't be doing laundry 5 times a day - even if he is a "king."

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