Thursday, December 06, 2007

We're Snow BIG! My Favorite BIG Snowmen Dolls and Wood Crafts

Well, you've seen my favorite BIG Victorian, BIG Scarecrows, BIG Halloween dolls and wood crafts, BIG Christmas, and BIG woodland dolls and crafts. This time we have my favorite BIG snowmen and snow ladies. Getting ready for the "We're Snow BIG!" dolls and wood crafts.

One of my all time favorite BIG snow ladies is a doll that I sold to a friend of my sister-in-law. If I hadn't sold her she definitely would have had a permanent home in my house during the winter season. She was just so adorable and BIG that I had to include her here.

I named her "Melody" and she was created based upon a Sparkles N Spirit design. She stands 30" tall and I used a whole box of poly-fil just stuffing her. Her lower body is quite rotund.

Her body is made with warm & natural and her face is embroidered. She has black button beads for eyes and wispy white hair.

Melody's dress is three tiered and lace decorated and her jacket is blue velour with fur along all the edges and cuffs. She has a large burgundy scarf wrapped around her neck and has blue fur ear muffs as well as a bow on the top of her head. Her hands are being kept warm in her blue fur muffler.

She is an adorable snow lady. Just don't try to pick her up. She weights a ton.

My favorite winter BIG snowman is a painted wood snowman that I call "Charlie." He has his place in the corner of our kitchen every winter and was made based on a From My Heart To Yours design.

"Charlie" stands 30" tall and is made out of 3/4" pine wood. He's a BIG happy go lucky snowman that never lets anything bother him. Well, maybe something. I received a note one day from him asking me if at possible could he please have a hat. His mufflers kept his ears warm, but the top of his bald head was cold. So, could I please get him a hat.

So I thought about it and decided that he needed a hat. Plus, my husband told me after I finished him that he thought he should have a snowman's top hat. I didn't have one so I decided to put one of my old winter caps on him. He was warm enough and happy with that, but my husband didn't like it. He thought he should have a top hat. Well, I didn't have one.

Luckily for me my darling sister-in-law had been cleaning her closets and found a large man's top hat. Of course, she asked me if I wanted it before she threw it away.

I said, "Yes! Yes! Charlie needs a hat!"

She replied, "Okay, but who's Charlie?"

I replied, "He's one of my snowmen. You know, the one in the kitchen corner every winter."

To which she replied, "Oh, I know which one you mean. I just love him! Yes, give it to him."

So, I brought the hat home and put it on Charlie. He was thrilled and so was my husband.

Charlie is holding a snow gauge and a flannel scarf is wrapped around his neck. His ear muffs and gloves were "sponge" painted and his body has been outlined all along the edges. He is holding his favorite corn cob pipe.

The first winter BIG snowman that I made is a 36" cloth and wood snowman that I called "Sam." He was made based upon a Maggie Ann & Friends design and resides in our sun room all winter long.

When I first finished Sam his ski's were just stained brown, but Sam didn't like that. He wanted some colorful, fancy ski's so I had to add the blue strip and stencils. I also added "Believe In The Magic" stencil to each ski as well. Sam was happy. If he was happy then I was happy. Everyone was happy.

Sam is wearing some of my brother's old socks and is dressed in blue cotton pants that are tied at the bottom with cord. He has his favorite green shirt on and one of my other brother's scarves is tied around his neck. To keep the winter cold out the sleeves of his shirt is tied at the cuff with cords. He is wearing an old ski cap of my sister's and his gloves are made of black felt.

Sam's body is made out of wood and his head is made out of white felt. His face is embroidered and he has two large black button eyes.

Sam loves residing in our sun room all winter long as it so cheery and when it snows he's the first one out the door. After all, what's a pair of ski's for if not to ski? Can't argue with his logic.

I hope you like my BIG winter snowmen and snow lady.

If I don't tell them that they are some of my favorite BIG dolls and wood crafts they become BIG babies. It's not pretty watching a snowman cry. They just start to melt right before your very eyes. YIKES!!!

I hope you liked my favorite BIG snowmen dolls and wood crafts.

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