Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Blue To You Santa" - A BIG Favorite Is Blue!

How could I almost forget another one of my favorite BIG Santa's.

And, this one is wearing an outfit with my favorite color blue.


The "dollies" were ready to chop my head off. My "Blue To You Santa" was very upset and told the other "dollies" so. And, of course, I heard about it. How careless and uncaring was I. But, what "Blue To You Santa" wants most to know is "HOW" I could forget him. After all, he wears his special blue outfit just for me.

I'm not sure what to tell him. He really is one of my favorites. I just kind of forget. With 1,796 dolls in my household - can you really blame me if I forgot one?

So, I made amends. I told him that he has the most "special" place in my household at Christmas and that is in the corner of my kitchen. That's where I can see him each and every day and where I put my most "favorite" BIG dolls. I think he accepted my apology and is happy with me know. I sure hope so. Christmas is a hectic time of the year and not a time to get the "dollies" all riled up. Disaster averted - at least this time.

"Blue To You Santa" stands 40" tall and was made based upon a Tenderberry Stitches design. He is a wood and cloth doll with dowels for legs.

He is wearing his favorite blue Christmas outfit with embroidered hearts adorning the lower band of his jacket. The nightcap he is wearing is one of his favorite as it's a very long one and he likes that for the cold winter nights. He can wrap it around his neck to stay warm. He sports a full beard, socks, and big stuffed boots.

"Blue To You Santa" is holding his "TOYS" bag and has a sled at his feet. It just wouldn't fit in his bag. The teddy bear just wouldn't move over. Like Santa couldn't make him! Not one to rattle the "dollies" like me he chose not to make a fuss.

I hope you like my "Blue To You Santa" and I sincerely apologize to him, once again, for forgetting him.

Alright already.

How many times do I need to apologize. Gees.....

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