Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Little Guys Feet Are Getting Cut!

My Linda's Blog is filled with references to my baby - our cairn terrier. He's the king of our house and very demanding. And, he's very spoiled.

I've also complained a lot about the snow.

During the last week we had two snowstorms that dropped a combined 20" of snow on the ground - and it's not even winter yet. The last snow storm was a 'Nor'easter which dropped freezing rain. So, everything that was on the ground turned to ice.

Hubby always clears a path in our backyard with the snowblower for our "baby" to have a place to do his business. In doing so the freezing rain turned the grass into glass spikes which hurt my little guys paws. He couldn't walk on it and just kept lifting his paws up each time he took a step. And, because of this he wouldn't do his business. He turned right around and bolted for the house.

I was afraid his little feet would get cut and was concerned about his not doing his business. I'm understanding when it comes to my little guy, but business is done outside and not in the house.

So, I needed a solution for his walking on the grass and came up with the idea of using tiny baby socks. They fit his tiny little paws, prevent the grass spikes from hurting his feet and keep his paws warm for the time he's outside. They get filthy and have to be washed and dried which means I need to buy more socks to last the winter, but "my little guys feet aren't getting cut and he can do his BUSINESS!"

Mom's happy, Dad's happy, and "The King" prances around in the snow now.


  1. How adoreable Linda! and How ingenious an idea! I live in Alabama, so we don't get any snow, but we get lots of freezing rain and ice in the dead of winter. I will remember your little socks idea and pass it on.
    Your 'King' is so precious. Love his photo. His coloring is Beautiful!!!
    Linda Utz

  2. Hi, Linda:

    I'm so glad you like the idea. Our "king" rules our house and is very, very demanding. Even more so than my dolls if you can believe that. I think we've spoiled him too much. However, every time he looks at me with that adorable face I just cave. He is a "king."

    Have a great night.