Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Little Penguin

I got a darling surprise in the mail yesterday. Inside an envelope was the cutest little penguin pin from my friend Connie McBride Johnson. She made a group of penguins for the "Pay It Forward" exchange and sent this one to me as a special surprise. What a sweetheart she was to think of me. I was very pleasantly surprised with my penguin pin and I thank you for that Connie.

Right now he is perched atop my computer shelf and just smiling down at me. He seems very content up there. Hmmmmmm..... I wonder if the other "dollies" will notice him? I bet they will. Nothing gets by them. And, then, the clamoring will start.

"Why does he get to be in the study? None of us can be in the study!"

"Why can't we be in the study, too?"

"How come......"

Oh, boy! I can feel the headache starting, but I don't care. I just love my little penguin from Connie and no other "dollie" is going to remove him from his perch. I hope you all heard that!

Connie posted an article to her Clothmatters blog entitled "It's A Penguin Party" that has a picture of the 4 penguins she made. They are all just adorable.

Everytime I look at him sitting atop his perch I can't help but smile. What a wonderful gift. THANKS, again, Connie.

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