Sunday, November 17, 2019

Flowers For My Mother's Bud Vase

During the past two months I've been working on creating paper flowers for the mixed media vases I had embellished this past summer.

One of the clear glass vases I decided to alter this past summer was a clear glass single bud vase that had sentimental value to it for me.  You see, over 40 years ago my mother gave it to me as a present.

The purpose of this vase was to hold one flower stem - usually a rose.  I have held on to this vase for many decades and decided this summer it would make a lovely mixed media blue bud vase.

I had originally decided I wanted to create an embellished paper rose for my vase. I wanted the paper rose to compliment the blue/purple color theme and glitter paint. However, in looking at the vase and where I wanted to put it I thought it would be easier to embellish a silk floral rose stem with the blue/purple glitter paint and add it to my vase.

Plus, I wasn't quite sure how to create a paper rose so I decided to put this off until I had more time. The holiday season is coming up so fast and I have so much to do I really didn't have time to experiment with this right now. I figured I can always learn how to do this later.

So, I bought two floral rose stems.  One was a silk floral stem with three white roses and one was a silk floral stem with three white and pink tinged roses.

I decided that the silk floral stem with three white and pink tinged roses would be a good fit with one of the roses cut off.  I had originally thought one rose would be good but after testing this stem I decided two roses would be good.

I wanted the color of the roses to compliment my vase so I decided to embellish the buds with the blue/purple glitter paint.

The pictures above don't really do the vase and embellished roses justice.  It is just so pretty.  I know my mother would be pleased.  I know I am.  At least until I learn how to make my paper rose.... lol

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