Tuesday, December 03, 2013

My Visit To Rock Garden Alpacas

In November I went to visit my sister and Rock Garden Alpacas. This time there were 3 new babies and one new alpaca I hadn't met yet, Roxy.

I have to tell you that the babies were absolutely adorable. Of course they were a little skittish at first and stayed with their mothers for the most part until it was time for Breakfast Club and Dinner Club. That's when Auntie held the hay in her hands and fed whomever was interested in fresh hay. The mothers would stand and eat while the babies would try to grab the hay from underneath. When it comes to eating all's fair in love and war even with mother's and babies.

This visit Sunflower, Ivy, and Masquerade were a little friendlier. Zinnia, who had followed me around like a puppy dog on my last visit was a little tentative due to being pregnant. The babies were curious as to who this new visitor was with Berberis being the most friendly - he kept trying to bite my pants.

Each time my sister and I went down to tend the alpacas Masquerade and Cosmo were there to greet us. Cosmo is the official Rock Garden Alpacas greeter and is not happy until you go over to say hello and he gets to nuzzle and kiss you.  To be fair I should say every time I went down to play with the kids while my sister went down to attend to the water, hay, and of course, the poop.  I draw the line at cleaning up alpaca poop.

Like the last visit, every time we went down to tend to the kids it was freezing. So, taking pictures was a little challenging. I did, however, manage to take a few. Hope you enjoy them.

It was so cold even the alpacas had frost on them.

Ivy and her baby, Iris.

Sunflower and her baby, Berberis.

Cosmo and Dahlia saying hello.

Masquerade and Roxy saying hello.

Zinnia saying hello.

The visit was not all fun and games with the kids. My sister and I had work to do. We had to work on her websites, package fiber, dye roving, dye fiber and card it into batts, add inventory to her farm store, attend a few meetings, and SHOP. Of course, there was shopping to be done. More on all of that later.

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