Monday, December 09, 2013

Gotta Love Leaves 3D Quilt With Wire and Wood Hanger and Embroidered Leaves

By now I know you all know that I absolutely LOVE the Fall season. In fact it has to be my most favorite season of all. The reason is that it lasts the longest time of any season and has the most holidays associated with it. For someone who loves and creates decorations Fall is a perfect season.

As a doll maker I've made scarecrows, pumpkin dolls, ghosts, witches, Frankenstein, Dracula's, ghouls, mummies, pilgrims, and turkeys. I've made cloth dolls, needle felted dolls, wood dolls & crafts, ornaments, large cloth and wood dolls, felt quilts, pillows, tote bags, and so much more. I've even designed fabrics for the Fall season and holidays.

Well, this Fall I wanted to try something a little different. So, I decided to create a 3-D type of leaf quilt that could hang off the wall for a Fall decoration. Not a large quilt - just a small one.  So, I designed a wall quilt 19" by 21" that has tabs that allow it to hang from a wire and wood mini quilt hanger.

The leaves are all double sided and padded with batting and are all hand embroidered and blanket stitched along the edges using various DMC embroidery floss colors for emphasis.  The leaves range from large leaves to medium leaves to small leaves and are arranged in a complimentary and multi-layered pattern.  All of the leaves are hanging from a mini quilt with a solid brown fabric front and creme colored padded quilt back lining.  Three wire ribbon bows are attached to the quilt tabs and top of the wood and wire hanger for accent decorations.

LW552 -  Gotta Love Leaves 3D Quilt With Wire and Wood Hanger and Embroidered Leaves - 19" by 21"  Handmade 3D Mini Quilt Decoration

I was pleased with the way my "Gotta Love Leaves 3D Quilt With Wire and Wood Hanger and Embroidered Leaves"  turned out and hope you like it too.

Hopefully, the e-pattern will available next year so stay tuned. 

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