Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gotta Love Wall Art Quilts - Especially If They're Made By Your Baby Sister

I'm so proud of my "BABY" sister and have probably told you this a thousand times. You're probably tired of hearing it from me. I know she's not.

I'm sure you all know by now that my sister is Debbie Bohringer of Inspired Creations By D and she designs beautiful wall art quilts.  The picture above is a new collage of all her quilted wall art designs.

I've loved everyone she's designed and, of course, try to sneak them out of her house when I visit. She, of course, does the same with my dolls when she visits. I suppose it doesn't really matter what house our original creations reside in. It's still in the family.

In any event, I just LOVE her latest "Tis The Season" creation. It is definitely her best wall art quilt so far. Just beautiful. For sure, I'm going to try and sneak that one out of her house when I go to visit. Hopefully she won't notice. Then again, she's a sneaky baby sister. She'll probably have it alarmed so the alarm will go off when I touch it.

How beautiful is that?

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