Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bubbles and Her Cardinals - My New OOAK Handmade Needle Felted Snow-lady Art Doll

Bubbles And Her Cardinals - 14" Needle Felted Handmade OOAK Snow-lady Art Doll

Bubbles knows that winter can be a harsh time especially for her beloved red cardinals so she does everything she can to make sure they survive the winter. nShe loves being outdoors with her "birdie" friends. This year she built them a new birdhouse and hopes they like it.

Bubbles inner body is fully bendable and is sculpted out of Sunflower's alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.  Her outer body, legs, arms, pant cuffs and head are also needle sculpted from Sunflower's alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.  Her cheeks are blushed with a pink chalk and her carrot nose needle felted from orange roving. Her black boots, black gloves, eyes, and facial features were made using black alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber. Her gray pants were needle felted from carded batts from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.   Teal blue roving has been needle felted to form her billowy scarf and felted around her neck.

Bubbles black hat is handmade and hand sewn from black felt and has a needled felted teal blue band. Her dark teal blue vest is handmade and hand sewn from dark teal blue wool. It is gathered around the waist with dark teal blue DMC embroidery floss. She is also wearing a handmade and hand sewn with light gray felt vest with teal blue wool pockets and is embroidered along the edges and pockets with gray DMC embroidery floss running stitches.

Bubbles is sitting behind and holding her new wooden birdhouse that has been sponge painted with white, gray, and blue colors. Two of her favorite red cardinals are out and about the birdhouse.

From the response she's gotten from her "birdie" friends it seems they like their new birdhouse. In fact, they want to decorate the inside and have asked Bubbles what she thinks about the decor they have suggested. What do you think she'll say?

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