Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walter Loves To Decorate - New Needle Felted OOAK Handmade Santa Art Doll

Walter Loves To Decorate - 16" Needle Felted Handmade OOAK Santa Art Doll 

Walter just loves to decorate for the holiday season - especially when he's decorating with fresh cut trees. He loves walking through the woods to find the perfect tree, cutting it down, dragging it back home, and then decorating it with his favorite Christmas tree ornaments.

This year he's found the PERFECT tree and is anxious to get started. The problem is he can't seem to find his favorite box of ornaments. He knows he put it in the center hall closet like he does every year. However. when he went to get it he couldn't find the box. What could have happened to it?

Walter's inner body is fully bendable and is sculpted out of Sunflower's alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber and his outer body, legs, arms,  face, and nose from a beige mix from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber. His cheeks are blushed with a rosy chalk.  His black boots were made using black alpaca roving  from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber and are tied with black suede laces.  His hair, eyebrows, mustache, and beard are all felted with Sunflower's raw washed roving from Rock Garden Alpacas.  His brown eyes are needle felted with Ivy's brown alpaca roving,  black alpaca roving , and white prime roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.  His mouth is needle felted with red roving.

His needle felted pants are made from teal roving and his needle felted shirt is a blue, teal, and burgundy roving blend mix. His vest, jacket, and Santa hat are all hand sewn using blanket stitching.  He is wearing a medium green colored wool vest with a needle felted button that matches his shirt.  His red felt jacket has felted arm bands that match his shirt and the pompom for his Santa hat match matches his shirt as well.

Walter is sitting on a grapevine pumpkin and is holding a bale of hay in his hands which he can hardly wait to get rid of.  Besides being too messy for him, it just doesn't fit his regal attitude. At least he doesn't think so. Maybe someone should tell him he is a scarecrow after all......

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