Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Trio Of Handmade Needle Felted OOAK Santa Art Dolls

My trio of handmade needle felted OOAK Santa art dolls are as different as they are alike.  For sure they are all Santa's and for sure they all love to decorate.

Walter just loves to decorate for the holiday season - especially when he's decorating with fresh cut trees. He loves walking through the woods to find the perfect tree, cutting it down, dragging it back home, and then decorating it with his favorite Christmas tree ornaments. This year he's found the PERFECT tree and is anxious to get started. The problem is he can't seem to find his favorite box of ornaments. He knows he put it in the center hall closet like he does every year. However. when he went to get it he couldn't find the box. What could have happened to it?

Albert, The Thinking Man's Santa spends a lot of time thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Should he do this, should he do that? What about this or that? What happens if he does this or does that? Perhaps he should test this or try that? Right now he's pondering his tree decorations. He wasn't sure if he should go with all white bulbs, all blue or red bulbs, maybe green bulbs? So, he settled for multi-colored bulbs. Albert is hoping his multi-colored bulbs decision is the right one. Perhaps he should rethink this? Perhaps test another color? What do you think?

Richard The Red Santa just loves the Christmas holiday season because he loves the color red and decorating everything red. It's such a cheery and upbeat color and matches beautifully with the green and bright white colors of the holiday season. This year he's decided to decorate his Christmas tree with red lights, a red bow, and all red ornaments. Richard is hoping he'll have enough red ornaments to decorate his whole tree. Hopefully, he'll have enough as nothing but red will do.

Three Santa's who love to decorate.  Alike but different tastes for sure.

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