Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tabitha - New Needle Felted OOAK Handmade Witch Art Doll

Tabitha- 18" Needle Felted Handmade OOAK Witch Art Doll

Tabitha adores being a witch.  She loves casting spells, turning princes into frogs, and flying around with black ravens scaring everyone.  She even likes bats, rats, spiders, and living in caves.  There really isn't anything Tabitha doesn't like about being a witch.  And, the wonderful black, green, and purple outfits she gets to wear.  Well, how can she not like those?

Tabitha's inner body is fully bendable and is sculpted out of Sunflower's alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber and parts of her outer body, legs, arms, face, and hawk sculpted nose are felted from a beige mix from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber combined with lime green roving.  Her cheeks are blushed with a green chalk.  Her black boots were made using black alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber and are tied in bows with purple ribbons. Her wild black, gray, and brown colored hair is felted with Masquerade's raw washed roving from Rock Garden Alpacas.  Her black, brown and white eyes are needle felted with Ivy's brown alpaca roving, black alpaca roving and white prime roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber. Her mouth, eyebrows and under eye wrinkle lines are needle felted with black alpaca roving. Green chalk is blushed all over her face.

Her needle felted pants are made from green roving and her shirt is needle felted lilac roving. Her dress, cape and witches hat are all hand sewn using blanket stitching. Her black felt witches dress is gathered at the neck, waist, and elbows and has triangle fringed hems for the bottom of the dress and sleeves. Purple ribbons are tied in bows at the gathering of her elbows. Her dark purple wool cape is gathered around her neck and tied under her chin with a purple bow. A black felt witches hat sits atop her head. Tabitha is sitting with her legs crossed on a white gourd with black stripes and has a black raven on her left shoulder and a green frog on her right hand.

Need to turn a prince into a frog or cast a spell on someone - just ask for Tabitha. She LOVES being a witch and all that entails.

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