Monday, August 26, 2013

My New Trio of Handmade OOAK Needle Felted Witch Art Dolls

My trio of handmade needle felted OOAK witches art dolls are as different as they are alike. For sure they are all witches.

Sometimes Cassandra is a little apprehensive about being a witch. She's not too sure she likes casting spells, turning princes into frogs, or flying around with black ravens. For sure she doesn't like icky spiders or black bats. Most of all she doesn't like living in a dark, gloomy cave.

Just about the only thing she likes about being a witch is being able to fly wherever she wants to go. And fly she does. Just to get away. Cassandra hopes she didn't just turn someone into a frog, but she's unsure..... What do you think?

Tabitha adores being a witch.  She loves casting spells, turning princes into frogs, and flying around with black ravens scaring everyone. She even likes bats, rats, spiders, and living in caves.

There really isn't anything Tabitha doesn't like about being a witch. And, the wonderful black, green, and purple outfits she gets to wear. Well, how can she not like those? Need to turn a prince into a frog or cast a spell on someone - just ask for Tabitha. She LOVES being a witch and all that entails.

Hagatha  isn't afraid of anything witchy except flying. She just doesn't like it. Too many unpredictable situations can arise - like wind, rain, snow, sleet, tornadoes, hurricanes and more.

She much prefers to stay at home in the cave and make witchy potions. That she's excellent at and that she will willingly do. Ask her to fly and you'll get her "Who me!" reaction. Need a witches brew? Just ask Hagatha. Need a few spells cast? Just ask Hagatha. Need a witch to fly around? Don't ask Hagatha. She's no where to be found.

All witches but as different as night and day.

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