Friday, February 08, 2013

LOVE Winter Floral Arrangements

Over the years I have experimented with different ways to create floral arrangements. One year I wanted to create miniature trees so my basement was filled with pine needle branches hanging from the rafters and drying upside down,

Another year I wanted to create dried floral arrangements so my basement was filled with perennial flowers from my gardens. The trees and arrangements looked pretty when completed but just didn't last. Plus, they created a moth problem. So, I stopped making them.

Then there were the pine-cones of all types and sizes that I and other family members gathered. They made beautiful pine-cone baskets that I've posted about many, many times. All of the pine-cone baskets I made years and years ago are still being displayed. They still look wonderful.

Then there were the dried floral arrangements that I made from dried floral I had bought that were supposedly treated so they would last. They didn't and also generated moths. So, out they all went.

The only things that have lasted are the pine-cone baskets and the silk floral arrangements I have made over the years. They're all beautiful to look at and don't generate moths. When I first started creating silk arrangements over 25 years ago there weren't a lot of silk floral to choose from and most weren't very real looking. That's why I always preferred the dried floral. However, over the years the silk floral have gotten more realistic looking and there are more and more to choose from for every season and holiday.

I've created many, many silk floral for every season and for every holiday to decorate my home and love them. Of course, I'd rather have real flowers everywhere but I'd have to be a millionaire, make that billionaire, to afford decorating my house that way. I'll stick with the silk floral.

Here's some of the winter silk floral that are decorating my house for the winter season:

I love creating with the silk floral and love shopping through the floral sections of A.C.Moore, Joanns and Michaels. If I have a silk floral arrangement in mind that I want to make I wait for the 30% to 50% off sale at any one of those stores.Never buy the floral at regular price. They ALWAYS go on sale before the holiday or season or after the holiday or season. I prefer the pre holiday or season sales several months before the actual holiday or season as you have the best selection then.

I usually create one silk floral arrangement at a time and can spend a couple hours deciding which silk floral stems to buy. I hold them all in my hand and go back and forth and up and down the aisles with different stem selections until I get the right color blends and sizes I want. I always know what size arrangement I want to create and what basket or container I'm going to use ahead of time.

Right now I have more than enough silk floral arrangements to choose from. Making them is the easy part. Choosing which to use each holiday or season is the hard part as I can't use them all.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my winter silk floral arrangements.

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