Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The First Day of My 1st Online Class - CQ101 With Pat Winter at Artful Gathering

Several months ago I decided to take my 1st online class and decided to take one of the Artful Gathering classes that were being offered in Session One and/or Session Two. My problem was there were so many wonderful classes to choose from that choosing just one was going to be difficult. I finally decided to take Pat Winter's Crazy Quilting CQ101 class. I'll be making that adorable crazy quilt purse you see in the picture above.

So, I've been anxiously awaiting June 6th, which is when the Session One classes were to begin. Along the way I've been receiving emails from Artful Gathering regarding how taking classes with this Ning group will work and how to maneuver around my Ning page. I'd didn't have any problem with any of this as I've been a member of several Ning groups for years.

I was really anxious this morning to start on my purse but I had foolishly scheduled a hairdresser appointment and wasn't able to begin right away. When I got home I followed the steps outlined in the class initialization memo and proceeded to see what was involved.

I clicked through all the links in Pat's welcome page and quickly discovered how easy it would be to start and stop the video's for my time-frame during the next 6 weeks. Pat had also included a bunch of printable vintage freebies and some instructions for different silk ribbon embroidery (SRE) styles as well as how-to's for different stitches we will be using. Thank you very much for those Pat. They are well appreciated.

I made it through the introduction which is the first of twenty video's for this class and ran out of time for today. Hopefully, I'll have more time tomorrow.

I keep looking at all the material, all the lace, all the ribbons, and all the beads in my kit. There's a lot there. Hopefully, my purse will come out really, really good. We'll find out. Tomorrow I start with Video 2.

So far all I can say is, "WOW!" There was a LOT OF WORK involved in creating and organizing this Artful Gathering event for C. Zinnia Galliher and a lot of work for each of the instructors in putting their video's together. My hats off to all of you for a job well done.

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  1. Lovely purse you made. WOW! I love it.