Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Stitching and Beading Work On My Crazy Quilting Purse

I just LOVE really productive days. Don't you?

Yesterday was one such day for me.  The morning was close to 100 degrees and the afternoon brought thunderstorms so I was able to catch up on several things, including my Crazy Quilting 101Artful Gathering 2012 class purse.

I'm probably right on schedule but wanted to get more done yesterday as some of the other students in the class seem to be ahead of me. And, you should see their creations. They are absolutely beautiful.

In fact, Pat Winter is going to be publishing pictures of the students finished purses in the Fall edition of her Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine so be on the lookout when that issue comes out. I, of course, will be purchasing that issue not only because I'll be in it, but because I've been purchasing Pat's magazine since it first came out. I absolutely LOVE each issue and still find myself thumbing through issue after issue and viewing the gorgeous crazy quilting eye candy.

So, yesterday was a very productive day. I added green herringbone stitch and shiny white beads to the top right hand seam. I also added a beaded dragonfly to the top right hand corner as well as a tiny blue beaded spider just below that and just above the blue/teal embroidered flower. Can you see it?

I added wide gold herringbone stitch and blue sequins with shiny white beads to the lower right hand corner just below the decorative blue/gold lace trim.

I used the Cretan stitch with gold beads to secure the left hand side of the blue/gold lace trim.

In the blue/black/gold piece at the very bottom of my purse I stitched a lazy daisy type flower with a combination of cream and blue thread and added gold and blue sequins with white beads as well as a combination of white, blue and gold beads inside the petals.

I used a green chevron stitch with green beads along the left hand side seam just to the left of the white butterfly.

Pat's video's showing how to create each of these stitches as well as creating the dragonfly and spider were very easy to follow as were the printouts she provided with the class.

Here's a little pictorial review of my progress so far:

Later today or tomorrow I'm hoping to add some of the silk ribbon embroidery flowers around the picture. Then I may be done with my embroidery embellishments. We'll see.


  1. Linda, I think your purse is awesome. My hubby like it too. If we got blue ribbon, I would say you are "hands down" number 1.

    It hazy, hot & humid in the Philly area also and I have to go ride my horse. He has not been riden in a couple of days.

    Is it October yet?

    I love Boston. I think it's my favorite city. Hate Philly.

    Well, you stay cool and stitch. I really can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Your purse is blooming everytime I look at it. Enjoying you in class. I think I am finshed with my wallhanging, just wanted to do it as that this time. xoxo

  3. Hi, Annette and Jeannette: I'm so HAPPY you like how my purse is coming out. I'm hoping to add some of the silk ribbon embroidery flowers today or tomorrow. Then I'll probably be done with the embroidery part. LOVING this class. Have a great day. Linda

  4. This is amazing. This reminds me that there is no limit to creativity. I will also be taking an embroidery class next semester.