Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Inspired Creations By D - Trillium Blues E-Pattern

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog you know that I'm a doll maker and doll pattern designer who likes to dabble in lots of different arts & crafts and that I have been doing this for many, many decades.

Well, several decades ago I was in a quilting phase. Making quilts for my home and quilts as gifts for family and friends. I even dabbled with designing my own styles - which I enjoyed when it came to creating them on paper. However, creating them large scale and sewing them was both laborious and tedious. At least I thought so.

After creating a dozen or so quilts I decided I really didn't like sewing on such a large scale. I much preferred doll house quilting and doll bed size quilting. I LOVED the latter because they're small and don't take as much time.

So, I gave up large scale quilting in favor of miniature quilting - which is still on my to do list and several of my WIP's.

Well, my sister never gave up her love of quilting and decided last year to combine her love of quilting with her love of gardens. Like our Mother she has quite the green thumb.  As a result of her two loves  Inspired Creations By D was born.   However, instead of creating bed size quilts she wanted to create wall art  - wall size fabric quilt pictures.  So, she created one, then two, then three, and finally four different designs.

Now I might be a little prejudice because she is my sister, but I have to tell you I LOVE all the designs.  They're all terrific and I may just have to try one for myself.

She also wanted to share her creations so everyone else could enjoy making them as much as she did.  So, with a little help from yours truly, she created print patterns and e-patterns so you can create fabric wall art quilted pictures of your own from her designs.

Shown below is her Trillium Blues design:

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