Friday, November 04, 2011

Inspired Creations By D - Dads Tiger Print Pattern and E-Pattern

I have to tell you that of all four of my sister's Inspired Creations By D floral wall art patterns her Dads Tiger is my favorite. 

Now I know what you're going to say. "It's because of your Dad - right?" Of course! 

When we were growing up my Dad just loved to garden and her loved planting lilies. So much so that he created gardens around the entire house and planted lilies and mums. He loved the brightly colored mums, especially in the Fall but, his favorite flower of all was the tiger lily. There was just something about the bright orange flower that drew him to it. So, as a result when the tiger lilies were in bloom we had a brown house with a natural orange border all around it. It actually looked really pretty. 

So, of course, my sister had to create a tiger lily and, of course, it's my favorite. Maybe she'll make me one and give it to me as a gift. Hint! Hint! 

Shown below is her Dads Tiger Lily design: 

All four of the designs are flowers and all four contain the instructions for making the wood frames. 

If you like my sister's Dads Tiger Lily design please visit her Inspired Creations By D website and let her know.

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