Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bud's Box - Now It Houses His Things

A couple of Christmas's ago my younger brother, you know - the one who has the amazing workshop, gave hubby and I a wonderful present for our "Bud."

It was a wooden box that he had built that was meant to store a large bag of dog food. It had a handle on the front which when pulled would open a tilted draw. It also had a lower bottom draw and a top that when lifted up had a small storage area.

Well, we, of course, loved it and immediately placed it in the kitchen. However, instead of using it to store dog food we used it to store all his medicines, diabetics testing kit, extra leashes, etc.

It no longer houses our "Bud's" medicines, etc. Instead it houses all his precious "things." All of his belongings that we want to keep safely stored away.

It's a beautiful wooden box and I'd been meaning to show it to all of you. Just never got a chance.

In any event, I'm so happy we have it to house things that belonged to our special little guy.  It will forever be "Bud's Box."

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