Friday, March 17, 2006

Can I Sell The Dolls I Make From Your Doll Patterns?

I get asked this question a lot, "Can I sell the dolls that I make from your doll patterns?" If you're a small business crafter and intend to sell a small number of dolls - the simple answer is "YES!" My doll patterns are intended to be made for fun and/or small personal profit. That means you can make the dolls for yourself and your own personal use or, if you are a small business crafter, you can make them and sell them for a small personal profit on your website, in your store, at craft shows, etc.

If you intend to mass produce them and/or you are a large commercial establishment the answer is "NO!" - they are protected by copyright. You can't mass produce or sell the dolls on a large commercial scale without my permission. Mass production and commercial use of products made from my Linda Walsh Originals patterns (both print and E-patterns), including classes, wholesale distribution, catalog sales, website sales, auction sales and all other forms of commercial mass production are by permission only.

The doll patterns and graphics themselves are protected by copyright - all rights reserved. This includes downloading, mass producing, photocopying, enlarging, reducing, E-Patterns and all other forms of reproduction, website sharing, Email, or any other means of redistribution. Commercial selling or reselling of the doll patterns by any means including EBAY or any other website is by permission only.

So, if you're a small business crafter and want to sell some of the dolls that you make from my doll patterns and want to know if you can sell them for a small personal profit - the simple answer is "Yes!" All I ask is that you please do me the courtesy of crediting Linda Walsh Originals with the design.

Happy sewing and happy selling!

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