Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ask My Grandson! He'll Tell You!

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I'm going to email this BLINKIE to my 15 year old grandson. Why? Because it represents something that I tell him all the time.

As far as I'm concerned there is nothing better than a hug. Hugs are the ultimate expression of caring and love. It's better than a gift (well....if the gift is homemade....ahh...nope, it's still better). It's better than a card. It's better than flowers (even though I just love flowers). It's better than socks, which I also love and can never get enough of. It's better than a miniature shoe - hmmm... I collect miniature shoes and everyone knows how much I love miniature shoes of all types. Yes (I can't believe I'm saying this) even better than that. Better than crafts? Yes. Better than books - well, it's different. Better than a doll? That's a tough one for me. Yes, even I would have to admit it's better than a doll. YIKES! I can't believe that came out of my mouth.

Why do I feel this way. Well, if you were Dr. Freud you'd say it relates back to my childhood. Even though Dr. Freud has been discounted in today's current psychological community he may have been right. I relate hugs to "bear hugs." You know, the kind of hug that goes right through you. That makes you feel like all is right with the world and you are safe. The kind I used to get as a child from my Dad. He was a giant of a man and gave me the best bear hugs in the whole world. As a child, I never wanted to let go. It was warm and safe buried in there. Sometimes as an adult I didn't want to let go either so I'd just stay there secure in his grasp. My Dad has been gone for 20 years this June. He might be physically gone but his presence is everywhere and I can be transported back to the feelings I had as a child just by thinking about it.

And then, of course there are the bear hugs that I get from my husband, from my step-son, from my older brother, from my middle brother, from my baby brother (another bear of a man with wonderful bear hugs), from my son-in-law, from my brother-in-law, and now from my 15 year old grandson who is almost as tall as I am. He's not quite there yet but he's hoping for it. And, I can't leave out Noodles. At 6 years old he tries to squeeze really, really tight. He does a good job but, let's just say the bear hugs are coming from me. That holds true for my twin grandsons who at 1 year old don't even know what a bear is, let alone a bear hug. Plenty of time for them to learn. If they take after their Dad they'll give wonderful bear hugs too.

My son-in-law would say that I'm being a little chauvinistic, aren't I. Has the feminist in me disappeared? Yeah, dream on - you wish! So, women can't give bear hugs? Well, yes they can. They can do anything they want to. They're just a little different. I like to call them "doll hugs." Why doll hugs? We'll leave that for another Freudian discussion. Let's just leave the bears to the guys and the dolls to the women.

Where's my grandson? I need a hug! A REALLY BIG HUG! A BEAR HUG! A 15 year old Grandson hug!

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