Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dev and Rye Rye Wilder Twins Free E-Pattern

Dev and Rye Rye Wilder are as different as they are alike.  Like their twin sisters,  Manda and Mish Rye Wilder, they are identical twins who are typical boys.  They love all things sports, having fun, and hanging out with each other.   However, like their twin sisters, they don't think alike.  That's where they draw the line on being identical.

Dev Wilder loves rough housing, even with his sisters.  Sometimes he goes a little too far and Rye Rye has no problem telling him that.  Sometimes Dev gets a little too annoyed at his sister, Manda's antics.  She's a bit of an imp who likes to play tricks on her twin brothers and gets a real kick out of fooling them.  They, on the other hand, aren't amused by her antics and endeavor to pull some tricks on her.  They're not as good as she is which frustrates them to no end and sometimes Dev lets his desire to counterattack get the best of him.  That's when Rye Rye steps in.

Rye Rye Wilder loves having fun too, but he's a little more level headed than his brother, Dev and doesn't let Manda's antics get the better of him.  After all, they're only fooling around.  Sometimes, however, he has to get Mish to step in wih her big heart and smooth the waters.  She's always able to console them when Manda gets the best of them.

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