Saturday, January 11, 2020

Alpacas Love Their Daisies Wool Felt Picture Free E-Pattern

As mentioned previously, I fell in love with mini quilts years ago. Mainly because they were tiny little mini quilts you could easily make and you could hang them just about anywhere for a cute little decoration.  The mini quilts could be made out of any type of fabric, wool felt, and even needle felted out of roving.

Given I was in an "Alpacas Rock" creating mode I decided to design 6 wool felt mini quilts and 1 mug rug showing alpacas for the various decorating seasons and create e-patterns for them as well.  Last week I decided to make all 7 of these e-patterns free for you so you could create cute little alpaca mini quilts and mug rugs of your own.

"Alpacas Love Their Daisies" is a free e-pattern to create a 4" by 7" alpaca stitchery in a 5 1/2" by 7 1/2" purchased picture frame.

Your alpaca stitchery picture utilizes two 4” by 7” pieces of felt. One to sew all the wool felt pieces of the picture to and the other as back lining. The two felt alpaca pieces are embroidered as a stitchery and then embroidered to the felt background. The clouds are embroidered to the felt background. The fence rails and fence posts are embroidered to the alpacas and the felt background. Two lazy daisy flowers and leaves of grass are also embroidered to the felt background. Rub-on stencils are added to the picture background to complete the picture.

The pattern includes text instructions, step-by-step color diagrams for finishing the alpaca stitchery picture from start to finish, full page picture layout sheet, alpacas embroidery design instructions sheet and full page single sided pattern piece sheets. The pattern also includes step-by-step illustrations and instructions for blanket stitching and step-by-step illustrations and instructions for creating the lazy daisy flowers.

To view and download my free e-pattern please CLICK HERE.  You'll be brought to Google Drive where you can view my free e-pattern. Then just download my free .pdf e-pattern  by clicking on the down arrow in the top center.

Once my e-product is downloaded to your computer you can save it and print it. I hope you enjoy my free e-products.

For more information on all my free e-patterns, e-printables and e-books please CLICK HERE.

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