Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Mixed Media Blue Bud Vase For My Mom

One of the clear glass vases I decided to alter this past summer was a clear glass single bud vase that has sentimental value to it for me.  You see, over 40 years ago my mother gave it to me as a present.

The purpose of this vase was to hold one flower stem - usually a rose.  I have held on to this vase for many decades and decided this summer it would make a lovely mixed media blue bud vase.

I thought a new sponge painted exterior with haphazard strips of paper-clay with glitter paint might look nice.

For the vase above first I added old book page collage papers to it.  Then I painted it with black acrylic paint and added a sponge paint combination of metallic royal blue paint, metallic dark blue paint, metallic light blue paint, metallic purple paint, and white acrylic paint.  This time, once the sponge painting was dry I sealed it with a glazing medium.

Once everything was dry I added three thin strips of paper-clay in a haphazard pattern on the top, center, and bottom of the vase and stamped it with a Victorian pattern.  I also added a thin strip of paper-clay to the inside of the top rim of the vase and stamped it as well with the Victorian pattern.  Once the paper-clay sections were dry I painted them with metallic white paint.

Once the metallic white paint was dry I brushed purple and blue glitter paint on the paper-clay sections, including the top inside rim of the vase.

The final touch was to glue a white, pink and silver glittery paper rose to the center of the paper-clay strip on the top of the vase.

The pictures really don't do this vase justice.  It is so very pretty.  Now I just have to create a beautiful blue paper rose as blue was my mother's favorite color.  Once everything is done I'll be able to place the rose and the vase next to a picture of my mother.  I know she would be pleased with this.

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