Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Jimmy Me Lucky - Leprechaun” Country Leprechaun Doll Decoration Products

"Jimmy Me Lucky - Leprechaun" considers himself not only a lucky leprechaun, but a charming one as well. He can charms the pants off of anyone and just make their day with the twinkle in his eyes and his charming smile. Plus, when he starts to charm them with his remarkable wit and keen intelligence they just get blown away. But, when he promises then a pot o' gold and then doesn't deliver they are none too happy with Jimmy. By then he's lost all his charm.

"Jimmy Me Lucky - Leprechaun" is a 23" country Leprechaun from our "Pleasantly Plump Series." He is a squared bottomed self-standing cloth and wood doll. His arms and hands are wired and his cloth head and cloth body are supported by a wood dowel and wood base. His face is outlined embroidered with black back stitches and water colored. His eyes are indented and he has green water colored irises, black water colored pupils, and the whites of his eyes are water colored white. His eyelids are water colored gold and his eyebrows are water colored brown. He has a round raised nose, a ton of freckles on his nose and cheeks, black wrinkle lines and a red mouth. His mustache, and full beard are made of red wool roving. His cheeks are pencil colored and blushed rosy.

Jimmy has has a mass of curly red doll hair which is barely controlled under his hat. His hat is lined and has a large, wide brim with a black belt and square gold buckle fastened around the band. He is wearing his favorite St. Patrick's day green outfit. His body is made of a green knit. His shamrock print shirt is finished along the edges and gathered at the neck edge and wrists. A large black belt with square gold buckle is tightly fastened around his waist. He is smoking his favorite pipe which is perched in his left hand. He is carrying a gathered pot o' gold bag with gold bars and ribbon and shamrock decorations in his right hand.

Jimmy can fool everyone once with his remarkable charm and it is "shame on him!" If he fools them twice - well, it's "shame on them!"

Jimmy Me Lucky Leprechaun Handmade Country Doll Decoration

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