Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Roxy” Victorian Faceless "Lady" Art Doll Products

They say that the roaring 20's were a time of zaniness and craziness and "Roxy" was the zaniest and craziest of the flappers. In fact, she was zanier and crazier than her 3 cousins who considered themselves to be among the zaniest and craziest. As cousins go Roxy Ash Blonde, Roxy Black, and Roxy White were very much alike and they all LOVED their older cousin "Roxy." The three were only a year apart in age, but "Roxy" was two years older. And, therefore, cooler and smarter. All four cousins were raised together. So, whatever "Roxy" liked the three cousins followed suit. They loved to dress like her, have similar hair styles albeit of different colors, and do the same things. But when it came to dancing - well that's where they differed from "Roxy."

"Roxy" was considered the best dancer in the county and there was no one who could dance better. Not even any of her younger cousins. Despite Roxy Ash Blonde best efforts she was never able to master the "Charleston." However, Roxy Black considered herself a master of the Charleston. She could move with a rhythm all her own and was fascinating to watch. In fact, she considered herself the best dancer of the 3 younger cousins. But, when it came to comparing herself to "Roxy" - well, let's just say there was no comparison. "Roxy Black" may have mastered the Charleston, but, "Roxy" owned it. Roxy White was also master at the Charleston. She taught herself very quickly and in no time had taught her cousin, Roxy Black, too. She had a certain style and flair to her "Charleston" and was also fascinating to watch. She considered herself the best dancer of the 3 younger cousins. However, she also had to admit that she was no match for her older cousin "Roxy."

"Roxy" is a 12" free-standing cloth and wood Victorian doll. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. She also has a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. She is wearing a fancy lace trimmed and ribbed dress with long lace trimmed sleeves and embroidered floral accents. Her dress has a pleated front panel and lace overskirt with a ribbon sash tied in a bow around her hips. She has a lace shawl and boa wrapped around her shoulders and has a long pearl necklace dangling from her neck. Her long curly blonde hair is framed by a headband with 2 feathers. Floral accents adorn the pleated bodice of the dress.

Roxy knows she is the best dancer in the county and just loves to go to the club to show off her moves. Today she is wearing her new flapper dress and has added a few surprise steps to her Charleston. She can hardly wait to see what her 3 younger cousins reactions are.

Roxy Ashe Blonde Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

Roxy Black Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

Roxy White Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

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