Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Flossie” Victorian Faceless "Lady" Art Doll Products

My "Flossie" Victorian doll pattern is named after my great, great Aunt Florence (who is shown in the picture below).

My great, great Aunt Flossie was born in 1882 and was the first women to go to college in our family.

She graduated from Tufts University in 1904. She then went on to be one of the first women to work for the State Department of Corporations and Taxation. She worked for the state until she retired in 1947.

My great, great Aunt "Flossie" was a true believer of women's rights, as was my Grandmother "Dee". Both women were very intelligent and were very strong women. Both were very confident in themselves and both held strong beliefs and convictions. They both were believers in women's rights. Their beliefs definitely had a profound affect on my mother which, in turn, had an affect on me.

If there ever was a truly elegant and refined lady it would have to be Flossie. With her beautiful red hair, beautifully sewn outfits and ladylike manners you can't help but feel regal when you are with her. Despite her rich appearance she does everything she can to make her guests feel like they are the most important person in her life and in her house. As a result, she puts everyone completely at ease and loves it when her guests relax and enjoy themselves. Flossie just loves to entertain, but she also loves being outside on a beautiful, sunny day. So, today she has decided to take a leisurely afternoon stroll in her 1892 Traveling Costume.

Flossie is a free-standing doll who wearing an 1892 Traveling Costume. She is wearing a beautifully coordinated outfit that has a lace trimmed dress and has a full-length lace and ribbon trimmed lined jacket with lace, ribbon trimmed and puffed up long sleeves. A decorated ribbon bow serves as a clasp for her lined jacket. Her coordinated lace & floral decorated hat is lined and elegantly frames her beautiful red hair that is tied in a puff bun. She has a painted wood head and a covered wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered and she is carrying a bouquet of flowers with streamers.

Flossie may be the epitome of a refined and elegant lady, but she is also very intelligent and knows just the right thing to say, the right thing to do, and the right atmosphere to put her friends and guests at ease. She is a refined and elegant lady to the core.

Flossie Anne Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

Flossie Jacqueline Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

Flossie Kate Handmade Victorian Lady Art Doll

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