Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lettice Would Really Like To Meet Some New People - Victorian Girl Doll

"Lettice" just moved to London and decided that it was such a nice day that she would take a stroll in the park. After all, she had on her newest street ensemble and would surely make a good impression on everyone she encountered in the park.

"Lettice" is an 11" Victorian cloth bodied doll with a gathered waistline, cloth legs with cross laced painted black boots, porcelain head, and porcelain arms. She is wearing an 1858 Walking Dress. Lettice's bloomers are lace trimmed and gathered at the waist. Her slip is lace trimmed and also gathered at the waist. Her 1858 Street Dress is really an ensemble with a matching dress, lined two level jacket, matching bonnet, and matching purse. Lettice's dress is gathered at the waist and the sleeves are gathered at the shoulders and wrist. Two layers of lace trim adorn the bottom hem edge and her gathered neck edge. Her coordinating jacket is lined with 3/4 sleeves that are gathered at the shoulders. Her jacket has a lined upper section and lined and gathered lower section and is top stitched along all the edges. It is fastened in the middle of the front with a ribbon bow.

She has a full head of curly brown doll hair. Her bonnet is matching, lined, and gathered and is tied under the left side of her chin in a bow. Her matching shoulder strap purse is gathered and decorated with ribbon trim and is draped over her right shoulder.

Lettice is anxious to meet new people and equally anxious to make a good first impression. She'd love to be invited to join any one of the numerous afternoon tea societies and is hoping that maybe today will be the day she meets a new friend.

Note: The porcelain head and hands that are pictured are from Midwest Design Imports.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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