Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ester Loves The Morning - 1858 Morning Dress - Victorian Lady Doll

"Ester Loves The Morning", "Mehitable", "Sweet, Sweet Julianna", and "Prudence On A Walk" have been friends since they were all in diapers. In fact they've always been the BEST of friends. They love each other, protect each other, and are fiercely devoted to each other. So much so that it sometimes gets in the way of their relationships with their boyfriends.

Without fail, every day they get together for their afternoon tea and crumpets. Everything and anything is fair game in their discussions. They might be talking about the latest Godey fashions plate pages, they're newest outfit, the Queen's annual ball, their families, their boyfriends, their engagements, etc. Nothing is off limits. That is, nothing within the reasonable limits of proper Victorian discussion etiquette. Their afternoon teas are held on a rotating basis with each friend hosting the afternoon tea every fourth day. Today, they will all be having tea in Mehitable's parlor.

"Ester Loves The Morning" is a 14" Victorian square bottomed cloth bodied doll with a gathered waistline, porcelain head, and porcelain arms. She is wearing an 1858 Morning Dress. Esther has two layers of lace trim along the bottom of her body. Her slip is finished along the bottom hem edge with flat lace trim and is gathered at the waist. A full length lace overslip has been added and is also gathered at the waist.

Her 1858 Morning Dress is very dainty looking and has a lace trimmed and gathered front insert with 4 levels of gathered lace trim. Flat lace trim surrounded by gathered lace trim is sewn to the front center of the bodice and lace trim adorns the sleeve hem edge. Her Victorian dress has a multi-layered lace trimmed overskirt and both the overskirt and dress skirt with the dainty front insert are gathered at the waist. Gathered lace trim also adorns the waistline of her dress bodice and dress skirt and adorns the bottom hem edge of her dress skirt. Her dress is gathered at the neck edge and adorned with lace trim. Ester's outfit includes a lined and lace trimmed shawl with arm loops. Her dainty bonnet is adorned with multiple layers of lace trim and ribbon bows and is gathered along the bun line of her hair.

Ester just loves her 1858 Morning Dress and loves to go out walking in the morning when she is wearing it. She knows that it is exquisitely detailed and lace trimmed and draws a lot of attention which Esther doesn't mind at all. She just loves all the flattery.

Note: The porcelain head and hands that are pictured are from Midwest Design Imports.

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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