Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Started My 7th and 8th Class At Artful Gathering


I started my 7th and 8th class in Session 2 at Artful Gathering on Thursday ad I couldn't be happier. I have loved each and every class I've taken there as the instructors are fantastic and the classes are always delightful. I've had a blast in each class learning something new and, best of all, making wonderful new friends.

For the first time during this session I'm taking 2 classes at once.  I hope I can handle this.  Two at once seems like a lot, but I just couldn't decide between taking Mary Jane Chadbourne's "Tiny Topia & The Magic of Little Things" and Debby Anderson's "A Romantic Journey On Canvas" so I decided to take both of them.

During Session 1 I took Hally Levesque's "Bonnets & Bows: A Regency Doll Project" and LOVED it. Making an historic period doll - now why would I like that?  Hmm...

Here's how my dolls turned out:


During the last few years I've taken the following at Artful Gathering :

Julie Haymaker Thompson's "Let's Go For A Ride"
Mary Jane Chadbourne's "The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll" 
Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden"
Colleen Moody's "Briley The Birdie"
Pat Winter's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"

Here's how my projects turned out:

So, I'm in for a lot of work, but couldn't be happier. Hmm....

Happier with a lot of work? Does that make sense?

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